Mugpods Ltd Shares Why They Should Be Your Go-To Nespresso Compatible Pods Provider

13 june, 2019 PR Submission Site ) – Mugpods Ltd , one of the UK’s renowned sellers of compatible Nespresso pods, has been in the business of providing the best coffee and hot chocolate products for several years now. Various reasons have contributed as to why they are the option of many people today and why everyone should check this seller out.

Coffee lovers are among the numerous customers that Mugpods Ltd caters to. In order to completely satisfy their needs, the company offers PODiSTA products, a more affordable alternative to genuine Nespresso pods with a similar quality taste. The coffee pods from this brand are compatible with all Nespresso Classic machines except Nespresso Vertuo. The company also revealed that “The coffee beans inside our pods are virtuously sourced from farms throughout Brazil, India, Vietnam, Uganda and Nicaragua. They are slow roasted Italian style with paramount quality and excellence. Delivering fantastic tasting coffee with a great crema”. Their coffee pods are available in multiple flavours and intensities, including the world’s first double shot coffee pod that results in a super strong coffee.

Mugpods Ltd also acknowledges its customers who love hot chocolate, and the good thing is that this seller never fails to provide them with a variety of great products. Available in mint, caramel, hazelnut and sugar-free flavours, their hot chocolate pods Nespresso will certainly suit the varying tastes and preferences customers. Each pack contains ten quality, biodegradable pods. So aside from enjoying their delicious taste, customers will also benefit from the products’ biodegradability, making them easy to dispose of.

As for the deliveries and shipments, Mugpods Ltd ensures to provide the best service possible. For those ordering from the UK, postage charges range from £1.00 to £2.40, depending on the number of boxes that will be availed. But the more boxes are ordered, the cheaper the postage charge. For those who will be acquiring ten boxes or more, postage will be free of charge. The company also assures that all boxes are amply sized and well-packaged.

For all interested parties, please take note that the prices mentioned can change even without prior notice.

Mugpods Ltd has a lot more products to offer to both coffee and hot chocolate lovers. For more details, go to

About Mugpods Ltd

Mugpods Ltd is a trusted seller of coffee and hot chocolate pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines. With their high-quality yet affordable products, making a delicious drink can be done without a fuss and anytime you want. They offer no minimum order value so you can start even with one box to see which flavours suit you best. For more details about the products they offer, visit their website at For your questions, you can send an email at or call 0845 299 6024 to speak to one of their representatives.