Mumbai, MH, 12th Aug 2021 — Ansh – The Mystic Rider announced finishing his mega all India motorcycle expedition on 15th Aug 2021 at Goa. The ride started from Delhi on 2nd Oct 2018. Spreads across all 28 States & 9 Union Territories for 1049 days, riding 150000 Kilometers. India’s First ever motorcycle expedition which covers all states & UTs including Andaman & Lakshadweep. The longest motorcycle expedition in India on a single ride, with the same bike, without returning to home city. After completing the ride, he is Giving-away his bike to an aspiring female Motorcyclist of India

During the ride, Ansh visited around 1000+ academic Institutions, 600+ biking clubs and 200000+ people to urge them to take an oath to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The oath taken by people is “हेलमेट हम पुलिस वालों से बचनेकेलिए नहीं , अपने घरवालों से मिलनेकेलिए पहनेंगे” The ride moved phase wise to covers different region of India, and the last phase is from Mountains to Beaches and everything in between starting from Uttarakhand and finishing at Goa on 15th August 2021. Witnessed to a longest Biking Brotherhood flag chain at Andaman.

India On Road- Launching as India’s best Road Trips blog with 5000+ blog articles written during the ride, which covers various genre like Folklore, Art & Culture, Food & Festivals, Spiritualism, Hidden Destinations & Attractions, Interesting People, Philosophy, Spiritualism and many more. Three books written during the ride to be published soon

Ride Statistics- 150000+ Kilometers, 1049 Days, 28 States, 9 Union Territories, 200 National Highways, 480+ Districts, 1000+ Academic Institutions, 600+ Biking Clubs, 200000+ People, 200+ Public Seminars, 5000+ Blog Articles, 3+ Books and more.

Most Awaited Bike Giveaway- The first & only Indian Bike to travel all 28 states & 9 UTs is on Giveaway. At start of ride it was announced to giveaway his bike to an aspiring female motorcyclist as part of Women’s empowerment campaign run by The Mystic Rider. 2018-2019 did a campaign to teach bike riding to female riders at free of cost at their city, around 100+ girls trained on bike riding successfully. This Giveaway is a continuation of our previous social campaign “Why Should Girls Always be the Pillion?” under the theme of Women’s empowerment. The Giveaway process will start after 15th August by taking entries through our website and social media pages. The details will be announced shortly.

Ansh- (AKA- The Mystic Rider): A philosopher, passionate traveler and motorcyclist, one of the founding members of the riding Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Female Riding Training, with an objective to Transform Passion of Riding in Bringing Real Positive Social Change. He is an Author, a social activist, Motivational Speaker and professional corporate trainer in BFSI Domain; he also serves as visiting faculty finance to different universities. His fundamental principle of living revolves around “Earn Living hood while Spreading Happiness”

Short Bio: Motorcyclist | Corporate Trainer | Philosopher | Author | Speaker | Seeker | Coach | Academic Writer

Living Philosophy: The Disruptor -Doctrines of Convenience

Professionally: A Passionate Six-Sigma certified corporate trainer with 10+ years of industry experience, Delivering Accountability and Process Excellence with Proven track of over 5000+ hrs. of Class room delivery. Equipped with over a decade’s of national & international financial industry (BFSI) experience specialized in the area of operation, training & Content development. Driven by the underlying principle of “Earn living while serving” He is also credited as author of 12+ books currently available in the Motivational & Educational genre.

So far the ride is covered by 150+ national & regional print as well as electronics media and aired  from 50+ FM Radio broadcasting location.