Megger Launches New Testing Equipment for Spontaneous Results – Get them Exclusively at Omni Controls Inc.!

May 13, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Megger proudly announces it’s the new product launched that includes lead test kits, dual channel, transformer ohmmeter. These are power quality analyzer from Megger and makes testing easier, more convenient and more effective than ever before. The newly launched equipment in all categories is exceedingly spontaneous in operation and delivers exceptional versatility and performance.

Let’s take a quick look at the newly launched products and their features:

Megger Test lead Kit for DLRO10HD & DLRO10HDX- An excellent kit that has been designed to allow users to get maximum usage.  These digital low resistance ohmmeters (Ducter) works perfectly in industrial LV environments. In these environments commissioning testing and scheduled maintenance testing of individual connections can provide real benefits for added safety, energy efficiency and future reliability, including fire prevention. These are low resistance ohmmeter and provide accurate results with no fuss in an application. The best part includes an internal rechargeable battery and in case the battery isn’t charged or flat, it can operate from a mains supply.

Megger GA-03310 Dual Channel, Megger MTO106 Transformer Ohmmeter, Megger MTO106-W-ACC Transformer Ohmmeter-

Well, all these three products are interconnected – It is an amazing kit that works well for MTO106 transformer ohmmeter provided by Megger. It is essentially used with Megger MTO106 Transformer Winding Resistance Ohmmeter. The kit is safe to use and works perfectly in the field. Megger GA-03310 Dual Channel Test Lead Kit is used with MTO106.

The Megger MTO106 Transformer Ohmmeter is simple to use and much safer results while calculating field measurement of winding resistance in smaller transmission and distribution transformers. As far as the features are concerned, the test current can be manually set in five different ranges to fit transformers of various sizes. Also, because of its simple application, service engineers can easily understand its usage.

The instrument is also supplied with test leads fitted with Kelvin clamps that allow for a single, one-time connection to the unit under test. The compact and lightweight instrument is housed in a rugged plastic case for true portability. When closed, the case is rated IP67, which means your instrument will always arrive safely to the testing location even in the harshest conditions. Megger MTO106-W-ACC Transformer Ohmmeter is intuitive in results and delivers fast results. There are enough safety applications through automatic, passive discharge circuitry.

Synopsis – The models launched are perfect and error-free regarding assembly, handling, environmental damage, overloading or subpar maintenance. Even one can check a transformer’s winding resistance that can give detailed information about the transformer. These are perfect launches as test equipment. Available with Megger’s distributor Omni Controls you can log onto the website to grab one suitable for your needs.