AlixCo P2P Financing Officially Launches Business Financing for Malaysian Womenpreneur

25 September 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Women entrepreneurs are more cautious and preserved in running a business by nature. To support them, AlixCo officially launch the P2P financing program for women entrepreneurs in Malaysia.


In this modern-day, it is reasonable if women want to open their own business for a better future. However, it is still not as easy as it seems. There are many considerations of a woman opening her own aside from the money or capital issue. Based on the co-founder and chief operating officer of AlixCo, women entrepreneurs tend to be more cautious and preserved in spending, investing, and running a business by nature.


To solve the problems experienced by many women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, AlixCo launches a P2P Financing program. The program and platform are mainly intended for women so that they can develop their business well. Issues like difficulties in finding money as capital will no longer happen.


P2P Financing by AlixCo has reached a total of RM 30 million so far through the application developed. It has helped more than 50 women entrepreneurs to develop their business with financial support. Interestingly, the default rate is zero for women borrowers.


AlixCo P2P Financing doesn’t only provide help in the form of money. Some other supports are available including advisors, supporting networks, exposure, clients, and business movement. They can also join THE WOMENPRENEUR MOVEMENT, a community initiated by AlixCo. The community is supported by numerous successful women entrepreneurs in the world.

To apply for the program, there are some requirements as follows.

  • Women-runned companies in any industry

  • Must be a registered Malaysian companies ( sole proprietary ,partnership or private limited)

  • Age above 21

  • Without negative financial or credit history record like bankruptcy

  • In healthy and proper business


About AlixCo P2P Financing


AlixCo P2P Financing founded in 2018 as a regulated financing platform by Securities Commission Malaysia, owned and managed by Crowdtech Sdn Bhd. Any stage of Malaysian companies can now apply for their business financing through the platform at It is also available for global investors to enjoy high return, low entry level, monthly interests rate, and short tenure kind of P2P investment through


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Cilantro Culinary Academy Opens An Advanced Diploma Route In Patisserie

Malaysia, March 9, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Cilantro Culinary Academy, a Malaysia-based culinary and patisserie academy, has opened its doors for those aspiring to further their studies in patisserie. This move is a move taken to broaden Cilantro’s doors and hopefully produce better patisserie chefs in the future. In this totally expected move, Cilantro hopes to be Malaysia no. 1 culinary and patisserie academy, outclassing other culinary academies in the country and even in the world.

By joining this new program offered by Cilantro, students will receive many hands-on benefits that they can immediately reap once they have enrolled in the academy. Those programs include things like detailed information on Cilantro’s academy programs, syllabus, and services, a short tour around the academy, a hands-on class that will teach you 7 most important recipes to help you find your calling as a culinary or pastry student, and an installment-based payment scheme with no interest attached to it.  The program is now opens for International student who wish to learn fusion cuisine and pastry. “Whether you are from Indonesia, Singapore or overseas, can join this program, and get our International standard facilities.” marketing manager added.


As Malaysia best culinary and patisserie school, Cilantro is Malaysia no.1 culinary and patisserie academy. It offers 80% practical teachings, meaning students will spend most of their time doing the actual cooking instead of learning the theory behind it. A handy career planning service helps graduates find jobs once they have graduated. Not to mention several other subjects like F&B entrepreneurship lesson, contemporary cuisine lessons, and barista skills that will help students be the best service provider for others.

“Cilantro is very glad to have opened our doors for those who are looking to advance their studies in patisserie,” said a contact person of Cilantro Academy who wants to remain anonymous. “This is a brand new challenge for Cilantro, one that we can use to test Cilantro’s credibility.”

Cilantro Culinary Academy

Cilantro Culinary Academy is hailed as the best culinary academy in Malaysia. It offers students wonderful facilities, all of them able to provide the best learning experience for all students. Those facilities include a cosy student lounge outfitted with a spacious library filled with materials for students to learn from, computer labs with internet access, comfortable classrooms fit for less than 20 students, 20 international standard cooking equipment, and other unmentionable facilities that students can see when they have enrolled in the academy. To learn more, please visit

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