CIA Maids: New House Cleaning Service Opens In Austin

The modern world is busy, rushed, and relentless— but a new service launched in Austin, Texas, is sure to provide some much-needed respite to time-poor families. CIA Maids has launched with the express intention of providing relief for working families, ensuring that there’s more free time for fun when the chores are taken care of.

New service aims to help people find their balance

The work-life balance of employees in the US is notoriously poor. People work hard, but they don’t have the chance to play hard. For many people, the endless drive to achieve more and maximize time efficiently leads to a relentless schedule that leaves precious little time for relaxing.

It’s not just work that can be time-consuming and draining, either. The moment parents arrive back to their home, a different kind of work begins— the work involved in keeping the house clean, tidy, and liveable. The need to dedicate time to cleaning and home management can lead to kids being neglected and parents who feel like they interact very little, feeling more akin to ships that pass in the night than partners in life.

CIA Maids understands the multiple pressures on busy working people, and wants to provide a reliable, efficient cleaning service that can help to manage some of the load. They seek to offer parents a chance to spend their non-working hours with their kids, rather than having to spend hours cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing their homes. It’s not just parents this newfound freedom will benefit, either— the kids will love having their parents more available to them, helping to enhance family relationships and allow for more time to make precious memories as a family.

What the service offers

For those seeking to rebalance their lives and opt for house cleaning in Austin, CIA Maids is the complete solution. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver a trustworthy, reliable service that eases the burden on modern parents, and ensures families are able to spend more time together as a result.

Not only is the quality of service outstanding, but customers who decide to hire in this exciting new company can be reassured that such a step won’t have an impact on their budget. CIA Maids seeks to be as affordable as possible, because budget alone shouldn’t be a hindrance towards delivering the family time that every modern family needs.

For parents in Austin who constantly feel that they wish to improve the time they have with their family, this new house cleaning service can provide results that ultimately make it feel as though there are more hours in the day. Residents of Austin can improve their experience of life, spend less time doing chores, and — most importantly of all — dedicate their free time to bonding with their family rather than cleaning their home.

CIA Maids is now open for business and accepting bookings throughout Austin for a wide variety of domestic tasks, all carried out in the honest, trustworthy and kind way that is the company’s hallmark.

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