Doris S. Hall’s The Heart Speaks of Love, Spirit, Life & Death

(prsubmissionsite) April 12, 2020 :  The recent book release by Doris S. Hall, The Heart Speaks of Love, Spirit, Life & Death marked a milestone in the spectrum of Christian literature. The book is a compilation of stories, songs, and poems that capture the essence and glory of the Holy Spirit of God. Collected over the course of her life and experiences, the writer has transformed her cognitive comprehension into the epitome of literary distinction. As a reader, one will experience explanatory transcendence into closure as the book gradually divulges the parity and disparity of life and emotions in the sanctity of Almighty God.

Deconstructions of any book require the biggest of socio-cultural knowledge and Doris S. Hall has utilized her eccentricity to bridge the gap of viable realizations through onsets of perspectives and God’s tranquil directions that helped her pursue both professional and personal grails. The book is a tribute and a spiritual collective of the writer’s best interpersonal and ethereal connections with her family and God. It promises readers to go through an emotionally asymmetrical trajectory but in the end, the aggregated resonance of laughter, joy, sorrow, and musical enrichment will take them to nirvana.

Doris S. Hall’s creative enclosure includes writing Christian inspirational songs, compiled under ‘All in the Family’. The proposition of writing a book came from her unadulterated belongingness towards her friends and family and the result of her circumstantial vigor is The Heart Speaks of Love, Spirit, Life & Death. The length and breadth of the book imbibe renewed cultural and religious comprehensions told through various sagas of her life. She is vocal, unhindered, and dynamic in her verses but never crosses the limits of unjustified moral values. As a result, the book is written from a frame of mind that becomes everyone’s stories only narrated differently.

The book is available on Amazon, Walmart, and online book store as well as in various translated vernacular over the internet thus expanding her audience base even further. If you are looking to discover yourself around the guarded immunity and ingenuity of God, The Heart Speaks of Love, Spirit, Life & Death is the best literary reference for you. Add the book to your cart now and find the answers to life’s unpredictability and uncertainty through a harmonious and solemn blend of self-reassurance and acceptance.

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New Romance Novel, A Vow Owed, Takes Readers on an Adventure of Love, Life and Sorrow

Toronto, Canada (prsubmissionsite) (October 18, 2019) – S.R. Pandi-Perumal, a Canada Based top sleep researcher, author, an editor, today announces the release of his latest book “A Vow Owed”. The book is classic storytelling: an intimate and mysterious tale of two strangers who come together and change each other’s lives forever. A Vow Owed is 300 pages and available both in print and e-book on Amazon.

What makes a romance novel come to life so that the reader feels like they are living within the story? The answer is simple; the author finds a way to invite the reader into the world he has created. A Vow Owed is that perfect invitation for any reader who wants to dive into a tale of truth and love and walk with the characters as they face great personal triumphs and heartbreaking sorrows. The readers will find this new novel compelling with every new chapter they read.  S.R. Pandi-Perumal commented “A vow owed delicately explores topics such as interracial romance, the struggles of marriage, and the painful toll of going through a divorce. We follow the lives of a couple that seemed to have been brought together by Fate and separated by flaws. Through this tale, we learn that love is generous, forgiving, and boundless.”

The novel tells the story of Bobby, a young man who is instantly ignited with passion when he first meets Maria. Neither of them could imagine that they would become so close by exploring the wonders of Canada. As time wears on, their relationship grows and blossoms. Spending time together soon becomes living together and when their romance reaches its peak they decide to get married. Never happier in his life, Bobby treats his wife to the best way he knows how; taking her to wonderful places, buying her thoughtful gifts, and showering her with love. To Bobby, she was the only woman in the world; nothing could compare. Things take a turn for the worst when Maria starts acting strangely. The fire in her soul has dimmed and soon Bobby no longer sees the same woman he met. Day by day, she withdraws from him until he loses her completely. Relentless in his pursuit of love, Bobby chases Maria in hopes of getting her back. But the more he tries, the more that hope dies.

As S.R. Pandi-Perumal states, “I’m overjoyed to discover how A Vow Owed is being received by family, friends, and romance book readers. My goal was to write a story that would create a reflective surface and allow the reader to possibly see a part of themselves in that reflection. It was a pleasant surprise to receive feedback from readers who love the book but for very different reasons.” Dr. Chattu one of the readers commented “A Vow Owed is a brilliant, delightful, and sweet romance novel. Overall, it’s one of those rare books that everyone with even the faintest heartbeat should read. Reading this book was like watching a romance movie, and I envision an award-winning movie in the future. More than that, I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next.”


About the Author

The author, S.R. Pandi-Perumal was born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. Pandi is well known among the sleep community and is a world-acclaimed sleep researcher. The field of sleep and dreams has always been his passion. He has authored/co-authored 300+ scientific publications and edited over 25 high-profile academic volumes, pertaining to the science and value of sleep. A Canadian citizen, he currently alternates residence in Toronto, Canada or his hometown in India. Drawn to the benefits and significance of the sleep cycle, his personal and professional careers have been involved with advocating/achieving a good night’s slumber.

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Singles Cafe Introduces A Solution To Solve Dating Problems And Create Long-Lasting Connections

March 4, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Different from a common online dating site, Singles Cafe does not only provide a place to meet new people, but they also provide coaching for a better relationship. Various services are available based on the clients’ necessities.

Some people are good at dating while many others are not. There are some problems that are faced by people who want to date as well as build and improve their relationships. The lack of knowledge, confidence, and experience becomes the main reasons that they fail so many times.

Singles Cafe was founded to take out the difficulty out of dating by offering smart solutions to create successful relationships. This site is more than just a medium for people to meet each other. It also provides some dating services that are needed for self-improvement in dating and relationship. The services include: Online Profile Consultation, Online profile writing services, eHarmony online profile writing service, online profile writing service, free online profile examples, Date Coaching, Modern Dating Strategy, First Date Starter Kit, Image Consulting, Date Conversations, match making services, Texting Etiquette, and more. They are grouped into some service packages. Each of the packages is guided by professional consultants and date coach that guarantee success.

For people who are interested in joining Singles Cafe, the packages available are as follows along with the cost. They are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages. The Bronze package is priced at $150 with services; email examples for online dating, call coaching session, text messages support, dating strategy, and profile makeover. Meanwhile, in the Silver Package, the clients will enjoy the same services as the Bronze package with longer duration plus image consultation and do’s and don’ts in dating. It is priced at $350. Lastly, there is the Gold Package with the same services in longer durations plus the date coaching and recommendations of dating websites.

The customers’ testimonials are as follows. “My dating coach helped me with an incredible profile and I am attracting the right type of guys”, said Kathy Smith. Peter Johnson also thinks about almost the same thing, “I managed to meet my current wife at the Christian Singles Cafe pre-dating event that was held last year! We are in love and I would never look back.”

About Singles Cafe

Singles Cafe is an online dating site that is not only introducing the singles who are registered as members but also coach them. To get the match, there are some services offered along with professional coaching and consultations. By joining this site, it is expected that the singles will meet their matches based on their own types.

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Crowdfunding for Museum for Love on Indiegogo

Hürth, North Rhine-Westphalia   USA has over 18,000 – Germany has over 6,000 museums. These include museums for weapons, wars, sex-museums and museums for many other things, still there is no museum for love. But love is the highest of all.

It is now possible to create a museum in the truest sense of the word, a “Shrine for the Muses”. The concept includes an interactive lovemuseum for all the senses. This will be a worldwide unique place for love with all its romantic, sensual riches and arts.

You can vote in which city the lovemuseum will be built. Donate at and add the name of the city where the museum is to be built. The city with the most frequent entries receives the award, when the sum is reched.

This will be an exciting, positive competition between the cities to see, which city stands more for love. New Yoork City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Cologne, Paris? Where do most of the lovers live? Which city gets the real Lovemuseum with its “Walk of Love”? The deadline for assistance ist May 15, 2019. Please Vote bevor.

The museum for romantic Love is for people in the city, in the region, who can also get involved with their love stories etc. At the same time, it will enhance the image of the selected city and country. And it is also a magnet for people in the world and will attract many guests.

A museum almost never bears the cost of entrance fees. The museums, that are economically successful, achieve this through a museum-shop. Just for Love there are very nice articles, which we offer in a shop and the museum will carry itself so financially further.


Köln für Verliebte
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