Amazon: How To Become A Leader In Ecommerce?

What first comes into your mind when you think of the biggest online retailers? I bet it is Amazon! This week I would like to give you some inspiration for taking action to increase your sales on Amazon web store’s example.

Undoubtedly, you have definitely read some articles on how to build an ecommerce website like Amazon/eBay. However, I have defined important ecommerce features of Amazon for you to implement in to your web store.

Short excursus in to the history, in 1994 Jeff Bezos started selling his stuff on “Cadabra” and one year later he renamed the company in to Amazon. Why Amazon? First of all, according to Jeff, this name stands alphabetically at the top when listed and secondly, it the biggest river what he personally set as a goal for his project – become the biggest retail web store. By the way, for those who didn’t know Amazon was a simple book store as Bezos narrowed the categories of the items to 5 first and finally chose the only one he wanted to focus on.

So how does Amazon ecommerce work?

  •  Name of the brand

You probably think that it is the last think you should care of. However, I will try to prove you the opposite. Just imagine how many customers can you lose just because search engine does not see your domain? Or it does but the combination of the words or letters in web store’s name is so «half-baked» that people won’t be able even to find out about your store. For instance, did you know that the logo of Amazon already says you about the store more than you can imagine? The arrow from A to Z shows you that the range of the goods is so diversified that everyone can find something to his need and taste. Moreover, the arrow looks like a smile what is also seems to be a nice gesture from the store.

  • The power of page speed

Amazon cares a lot about page speed. The time it takes for a webpage to load can have a large impact on user experience and sales. After analyzing the ratio of sales to website performance, Amazon discovered that for every 100ms of page load time there was a 1% decrease in sales. The ideal load time for your website is 2 seconds or less (according to usability experts). So, keep that in mind when working on your web store optimization.

  • Separate website for each country

One of the features that are not typical for a common retail store is a separate website for each country. Using your geolocation it automatically redirects you to the appropriate store. In such a way a customer does not need to waste time on searching his country in the list and the price for shipping.

  • Allowing other stores to sell their goods

Of course, it is not what you need to do when just launching ecommerce website. However, it is pretty clear that if the store is looking for additional marketplace for his goods and picks your web store for this purpose it means that your efforts were effective and your store is seen as a good and profitable ecommerce platform.

  • A/B testing

Many web sites neglect to test features of their stores and, as a result, are losing money. Amazon runs 200 tests each month, while their competition runs around ten in the same time period. Isn’t it impressive? In 2013 Amazon’s research and development budget was 6.5 billion dollars. So listen and follow!

Good features you must definitely implement to increase sales

  • Personalized shopping experience

Track customers purchase and make suggestions for them. When a customer gets back to the store he should immediately feel that the store already identifies his personality and remember what the client has bought. ”Related items you’ve viewed” , “Recommendations for you” or “Items you may like” are some ideas for you to personalize shopping experience. However, it is not easy to implement on web site, so the alternative may be “Recently viewed products”. It might be not as smart as Amazon’s personalization strategy, nevertheless, it will definitely improve the the average order value.

  • Recommend similar products

As mentioned above focusing on average order value is one of the most common ways to increase sales. In such a way you encourage customers to buy more than one item. Including a related products section is a perfect way to improve average order value. Furthermore, this step can have a SEO benefit by creating internal links to other products on the website.

  • Significant search

I am sure it is pretty clear that the faster a user can find a desired item the more likely that he will make a purchase. In addition, you can follow Amazon’s example and suggest popular products and categories when a user start typing the item searched.

  • Reviews on products

Obviously nobody wants to make a purchase without knowing what he is buying. Customers usually rely on someone’s else experience and buy items with more positive reviews than negative ones. Amazon, for instance, sends emails to their customers and solicit reviews. Online retailers should care about what their clients think of the quality of the item as well as web store service.