Sensomatic Offers Top Grade Load Cells In India

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, ( PR Submission Site ) 11 june, 2019  – Sensomatic is a leading producer and supplier of double ended load cell products in Phursungi, Maharashtra, India that has been offering stellar products to buyers in this country for more than a decade. The company was first formed in 2004in the Phursungi region of Maharashtra with an aim to design and develop top grade transducers at the most competitive prices for Pan India & Asian markets. The wide variety of products designed and developed by Sensomatic are ideal to be used in numerous applications. This makes Sensomatic a reliable provider of load cells in India.

Sensomatic is also the one and only company of load cell manufacturers in India that can provide buyers with replacement warranty and extended warranty facilities. The replacement warranty offered by Sensomatic is available with a selective range of products. The company also boasts of an extensive and completely equipped service centre at Phursungi Unit that offers calibration facility and servicing for all well known and reputable international manufacturing brands. Only within a short while the company established itself as one of the industry leaders when it comes to the production of load cells. Sensomatic also excels at designing and manufacturing different types of customized load cells that can work well for specific operations and applications.

Being an eminent company of load cell suppliers in Delhi, Sensomatic can deliver an extensive range of load cells which can be used for numerous types of industry specific applications. Sensomatic offers high precision load cells and transducers that can be used for numerous sectors like healthcare and medical facilities, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, aerospaceindustry, aviation industry, marineindustry, militaryindustry, rail-road weighing scale, automobileindustry, retailindustry, constructionindustry, chemical industry, oil and gasindustry, R & D, mines and collieries, SPM and UTM Machines as well as onboard weighing systems.

vFrom the very beginning, Sensomatic has adhered to the best industry practices and this has in turn earned them the reliability that they deserve. All of the products that designed and produced by Sensomatic are tested for the highest level of efficiency before they are approved to be sold to the end users. Since the load cell products offered by Sensomatic are available at the best prices, even small sized business firms can also benefit from using them.

About Sensomatic:

Sensomatic is a proud manufacturer of top grade load cells that can be used by the industrial clients in different parts of India to enhance their operational efficiency.

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Sensomatic Offers Extended Warranty Protection on all Its Products

The Pune-based transducer manufacturer Sensomatic offers extended warranty protection for most products on its catalog.

Pune, Maharashtra, ( PR Submission Site ) November 12, 2018 – In a time when technology is making humankind smarter, businesses are embracing new and advanced devices to gain an advantage in the market. One of the contemporary devices that are making operations easy and error free across industries is transducers and sensors. Load cells as they are called are gaining ground in various segments of industries, Infrastructure development, construction sites and other places where weight & force measurement are central to the functions. Sensomatic, a company that was founded in Phursungi in Maharashtra is now one of the ace suppliers of load cells in India.

Presently Sensomatic owns a catalogue which includes every kind of load cells starting with the simplest kinds to higher devices that are engineered for advanced industries. Double ended load cell, shear beam load cell, high speed load cell, compression load cell, Sensomatic’s product list has every kind of load cells imaginable under the sun. Now a prime supplier in India, Sensomatic Caters to Pan Asian countries, as well. As of now, it is highly sought after manufacturer in many Asian countries besides India. In addition to supplying the markets with great quality load cells in wide variety, the company also offers great warranty protection for all products in its catalogue.

Since the company sells only its own products, it is committed to extend the best warranty protection possible to its buyers. Insofar, there are three types of warranties that Sensomatic tags its products with- first the Replacement Warranty (with 1 year warranty) which is available only with selected products. The second is the extended warranty at additional cost (for 2 & 3 years) which is the common warranty that applies to the rest of the products in its catalogue.

Sensomatic manufactures all its load cells and sensors in its own factory. All the products are designed, developed and patented by Sensomatic. The company maintains the industry standard for all its products which makes them compatible to function in Harch Industrial Application of Tropical Countries. The faculty in Phursungi has infrastructure fully ready and equipped to serve all the well-known brands of Maharashtra. With infrastructure at par with the industry’s bests, Sensomatic processes large order in a flash. As for smaller orders, it dispatches them on the same day making sure that the consignments reach their buyers within 24 hours.

Sensomatic supplies its products to all on-shore and off-shore clients. It also takes custom-building requests for clients who have very specific requirements that do not match with the existing products in the catalogue.

Currently one of the biggest load cell suppliers in Mumbai, Sensomatic maintains very moderate and transparent pricing. This has helped the company gain clients in drones from all sections of the industry. It presently serves a broad base of clients who come from different industries across the country and outside.

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About Sensotech:

Sensotech is a Chennai based company engaged in providing customized load cells under the brand name Sensomatic for various applications. It is one of its kind in India and is regarded to be the best in the field. It strives to assist the customers every step of the way by offering innovative products that meet the International standards as well.

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Company Name: Sensotech

Address: No 2/675, Ranga Reddy Garden,

Neelankarai Chennai – 600041


+ (91)-7305716667, 9884869600

+ (91)-9324278988, 9380560667

+ (91)-(44)-24494305