Dizzipay: World’s first solution that allows consumers to pay securely with card, without owning a card

January 5th, 2019, United States: ( PR Submission Site ) DizziPay is excited to announce introduce a unique, completely secure digital payments technology for consumers, banks, issuers, sub-issuers which support mobile and online transactions. It will solve all online and credit card fraud problems for customers as well as banks.

It is an innovative idea that helps its customers to pay like a card, without using a card through a totally secure interface. Being compatible with all the existing merchant systems, DizziPay provides all the bank account holders ease to paying anytime, anywhere all around the globe.

“DizziPay aims to rebuild trust between banks and their customers by providing unparalleled security, alongside cutting costs and improving their quality of service. We support the payment world to move towards a fast and secure cashless economy,” said one of the members of the DizziPay during an interview. “DizziPay is compatible with all existing merchant systems, without any changes necessary on the merchant side and/or the acquirer,” He further added.

DizziPay comes up with readymade plug and go play implementation that will allow any bank to empower its non card holding customers to make online or F2F brick and mortar purchases.

For the first time in the world, Banks can access new customers who do not have access to or choose not to have cards. It also helps the banks in:

•    Minimizing credit card fraud and identity theft significantly

•    Reducing the cost incurred on security software

•    Making non- cardholders your customers, which will result in increased volume and income

•     Increasing trust and credibility with customers.

•     Giving everyone an equal opportunity by connecting non-card holder to the payment cycle.

•    By reducing security & risk management, DizziPay will diminish the chances of ECOM fraud.

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