It’s Time To Grab Startupworld Cyber Monday Deals

(prsubmissionsite) November 27, 2019 – Startupworld Cyber Monday Deals has started. Grab all deals while available. Over 1000 deals are listed at Startupworld website.  

Cyber Monday falls on December 2, 2019, starting a week before Cybermonday’s big discount, Startupworld has been offering Special offers on Cyber Monday. Save the date, this weekend and early next week there are several important shopping events.; Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals. Cyber Monday is the best time to look for site-wide discounts, and while people are expecting lots of fantastic tech deals, they can also expect to see deals on fashion, homeware appliances, and more.

Startupworld is a well-known website portal that provides startup news and its related content. It attracts readers from young and tech-savvy people. Because it presents the best-curated content from worldwide trending news and always up-to-date, its contents about blockchain, technology, the latest startup, business, investment, and even startup advice can significantly increase the readers’ knowledge. The diverse content presented will not be found on similar Startup portals out there. This makes Startupworld becomes a leading and trusted startup portal. 


Startupworld Cyber Monday Deals have started now. People do not need to wait for the D-day. There are various deals that people can use to save their shopping. It is never too late if people have missed Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals. They still can use various deals available at the Startupworld site.

Assorted famous brands provide attractive discounts on Cyber Monday deals. The brands include; Diabetic Kitchen, VideoRobot Commercial, BuyProxies, Tim Tam, TryTheCBD, Trees For A Change, 5 Little Monkeys Bed, CBD American Shaman, Digital Photography School, Web Dorado, JoomlaShine, Followadder, Traveling Mailbox, and more. They are the companies from various types of businesses such as houseware, photography, technology, internet, fashion food & beverage, and many more. Discounts offered are varied, it started at 5% to 71%. The big deal offered by Name Cheap. Grab while available! Name Cheap is a domain and hosting provider. They offer a discount of up to 71% for hosting service. This is a very cheap offer for someone who wants to create a new website. Another best deal is from Web Dorado, it discounts all the products up to 80%. Save 5% on VideoRobot Commercial by applying promo code “SPECIAL” at checkout. All the deals list on the Startupworld website are real deals, and it has been confirmed, so there is no need to hesitate to use the deals. Be confident to use the code. Startupworld Cyber ​​Monday Deals will save time and money, rather than searching for similar sites that have not been confirmed.


“You are not late if you have not started holiday shopping. Don’t worry if you miss important Thanksgiving and Black Friday offers. Here comes a series of extraordinary Cyber ​​Monday offers.” said Mike Tylor – Startupworld CEO.


About Startupworld

Startupworld is a leading website portal for startups. It has been founded since 2003 by entrepreneurs who are competent in their fields. The website contents cover startups, business, technology, mobile, and social. Its mission is to inspire budding entrepreneurs to start their own ventures. It shares stories of novice entrepreneurs starting their businesses to success. Various startup advice enhancing beginner startup knowledge in running their business. As well as the deals and discounts offered will help startup running its business operations. Currently, various merchants offer deals & discounts on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday. Startupworld has curated more than 1000 deals from famous online merchants for its loyal readers. For more information, please visit



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Gpanion Announces The Latest G-Suite Deals for Basic and Business Plans

(prsubmissionsite) November 21, 2019 – G-suite is an integrated web application created by Google for businesses and organizations. 


Gpanion, a coupon portal particularly for G-Suite, announces the latest G Suite discount Promo Code. They give a Gpanion G-Suite Coupons 20% discount to users all over the world who want to purchase a G-suite package. The packages include Basic, Business, and Enterprise. Each plan has different features, and the users can choose the plans depending on their necessity. To get the coupon code is easy, fill the form by entering the country, email, number of users, and website domain, and click “show me code,” then the Gpanion website will show the code. Gpanion G-Suite Coupons helps the user to get the package at a lower price than the original. It provides flexibility in getting a G-suite package so that it will save expenses more. The code provided by Gpanion can be easily implemented by copying the coupon code provided and clicking the coupon link. Then it will be directed to the website, select the desired package, and make sure paste the coupon code before checkout. 

G-Suite, formerly named Google Apps, is an integrated cloud-based productivity suite that helps users and the team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Google Apps includes Gmail, Google Calendar (shared calendar system), Google Drive (online storage and sharing of content), and Google Docs, Sheets & Slides (creation and collaboration of documents). G Suite (Google Suite) is a cloud-based service package that provides a new way to work together online for companies or organizations. Users not only use email and chat, but also through video conferencing, social media, real-time document collaboration, and more. How to join is simple. Just register the G Suite account and provide the desired domain name to use with Google services. After being verified as the domain owner, the user and its team can start using Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other primary G Suite services, as well as additional services such as Blogger, Hangouts, and other services.

Gpanion provides a G-suite coupon code 2019 that can be enjoyed by users from various countries. A list of countries that can enjoy this discount code can be seen on the Gpanion website. Each country can enjoy a 20% discount off for G-suite Basic and Business. Google offers an affordable price for this G-suite package. Prices start at $6 per month for BASIC packages. It is followed by a BUSINESS package $12 per month and an ENTERPRISE package $25 per month. The prices listed above are valid for one user. Prices can be much cheaper by implied the G-suite coupon code available. 

G-suite has been successfully integrated into thousands of companies and organizations throughout the world. One example is Ewha Hospital. Ewha Hospital is a health institution with a focus on obstetrics and gynecology. This hospital is located in Cheonan City, Korea. Previously Ewha Hospital relied on a local company to host its website and email server. Unfortunately, the server is unstable, and Ewha Hospital often has difficulty emailing servers. To overcome this, the hospital uses g-suite services, namely Gmail, calendar, and document. Implementation of the Gmail and other g-suite service allows staff to maximize the use of their company email, employees become more organized with the use of Documents and Calendars, reduced scheduling conflicts due to operating room reservations with the use of Google Calendar, and Internal communication among employees has increased by up to 40%.

“We are pleased with how Google Apps has really helped us facilitate clearer communication between employees. We hope to expand further the use of Google Apps, such as conducting patient satisfaction surveys using Google Forms. Our goal is to continue to improve the entire hospital management to better serve our patients, and Google Apps is able to make us a world-class healthcare institution. We are very excited to see other benefits we can get if we continue to use Google Apps.”– Mr. DK Han, head of the management support team at Ewha Hospital. 

About Gpanion

Gpanion is a cloud-based application, especially for G-suite. G-suite is a suite of web applications created by Google for businesses and organizations. In addition to companies and organizations, G-suite also has service for education and nonprofit purposes. For more information about gpanion discount code and g-suite, feel free to visit



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Startupworld Announces 2019 Coupon Code For Thanksgiving and Black Friday

(prsubmissionsite) November 21, 2019 – Over 1,000 Coupon Codes have been listed For Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday. Startupworld, a leading startup resource to spoil its readers by offering limited Thanksgiving Day Special Offers as well as Black Friday Discounts.


Millions of people are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving day, and it’s time for big discounts on Black Friday. This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 28. On November 29, stores and retailers are holding massive discounts. Seeing the Black Friday sale listings earlier gives people time to prepare for one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season. A well-known startup curated news & deals portal, Startupworld plans to spoil its readers by offering various attractive Thanksgiving Day Special Offers and discounted items on Thanksgiving & Black Friday. is a leading startup resource and advice provider that provides quality selected stories about the latest startup and its trend. Its content that describes product and service reviews are beneficial for newly startup as well as current deals & coupon code. Discount code helps startups getting lower price products, which helps to develop their business. Startupworld has been around since 2013. It attracts young and tech-savvy people who are curious about anything, especially new tech trends.

The Startupworld Deals lists over 1,000 Coupon Codes For Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday. The famous brands like NuLeaf Naturals, AMZ Scout, Edgewonk, ProWritingAid, CBDistillery, Adplexity, Instapage, Blinkist, AYPO Real Estate, UpViral, and Name Cheap are few of the brands that give discounts of up to 50% off. They can be found in “Thanksgiving Day Deals and Coupons 2019” Startupworld page. Browse around the various available coupon codes to find the best bargain items to purchase. Name Cheap is one of the largest domain name providers in the world. The discount it gives is also the biggest among other merchants. They provide discounts up to 71% off for hosting services. Save money with online coupons or coupon codes with Startupworld on Thanksgiving day!

“When shopping during Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, notice the product sales and advertisements for the best prices and combine with a Startupworld coupon code to make the desired item an even more affordable purchase.” – Mike Tylor, CEO Startupworld.

Aside from bargaining from Thanksgiving deals, Startupworld reader will also be spoiled by Startupworld Black Friday Discounts, all coupons listed are confirmed, and people can use it with confidence. A Technology, Fashion to Toys company, can be found listing their deals and coupon code. Companies such as WhizLabs, A Color Story, Berry Look, Inner Talk, VUZ Moto, Designevo, Stroops, Punk Design, WiContractorTraining, TradesmanCE, EVO Gimbals, and Plaza Premium Lounge are few of them. They are giving the best bargain by giving a coupon code to its client on Black Friday Shopping Season. Along with regular updates on these popular stores, Startupworld has a database of coupons listed by product name and lets the reader know at-a-glance how much the coupon is worth, when it came out, the source of the coupon and the expiration date. 

In addition to seasonal offers, Startupworld also accommodates thousands of merchants with deals that benefit its reader. Deals and coupon codes under various categories such as Software, CBD, E-commerce, SEO, Beauty & SkinCare, Eyewear, Bitcoin, Pets & Accessories, Fitness, VPN, Music, Outdoor Gear, Art, Finance, Cycles, Stationary, Vapes, Games, Toys, and many more.

“We acknowledge that our readers are people who are very passionate about seasonal shopping events, so we always provide the latest deals and coupon codes every day. Deals and coupon codes are listed for a limited time, so please visit our site frequently to check the latest deals.”  Mike Tylor, CEO Startupworld.

About Startupworld

Startupworld is well known as a media platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts. Their audience is exciting people around the globe who are paying attention to new things. Startupworld opens opportunities to those who want to advertise their content in the startup portal. For more information about startup news, deals, and discount feel free to visit


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Save Up To 15% On Over 45,000 Amazon Items

29 july, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – SoftFX Corporation released today, a web-site search tool that helps users save up to 15% on over 45,000 different purchases. optimizes the search for Amazon Subscribe & Save (SnS) eligible products, letting users search by category, search term, price, coupons and popularity.

Buying one Subscribe & Save product on Amazon typically brings a 5% savings.  But when four more SnS items are added to the order, the savings jumps to 15% of the total price of the five-item order. can identify low-cost filler items and also be used to search across brands and categories to find frequently used items that are SnS eligible.  There are, for example, many filler SnS items that sell in the $1-2 range.

SnS products can be searched for directly on Amazon, but the results there are often cluttered with other non-SnS product, so it’s difficult get a precise match, and it is hard to search by price.  Amazon deals are often presented in supermarket-flyer format that makes it necessary to visually scan through many search results.  The format on is concise and focuses on the display of only SnS-eligible products.  The site is responsive, which means that it works well whether you access if from your desktop computer, tablet device or smartphone.

SoftFX’s Chief Product Officer, said that “Amazon prices are typically already low, but can help people save even more.  It works especially well for finding regularly-purchased household items.  Amazon subscriptions are very flexible, and the frequency of the shipment schedule is set by the user. It’s possible to easily skip or cancel a delivery. For example, it’s possible to cancel a subscription without penalty after receiving just a single delivery. is a tool we think many people will find useful.”

SoftFX Corporation, the developer of the web site, specializes in creating web sites and software for both business and consumers. SoftFX is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to