Country Home Real Estate Welcomes Real Estate Investors to Work with Their Professional Team of Experts

December 25, 2019 (prsubmission) York, PA – 9/25/19 Flippers, investors, and wholesalers can all take advantage of the benefits offered by Country Home Real Estate’s York, Pennsylvania office. Their investor-friendly agency provides benefits and simplifies the investing process, while helping investors earn more. 

Recently, Country Home Real Estate has opened its doors to new investors or existing investors seeking to learn more about the real estate investment business or manage their portfolio more effectively. This includes wholesalers, small and large real estate investors, first-time investors, and even flippers who can benefit from the program. For investors who already have an established portfolio, there is also a property management team to keep rental income flowing much easier.

Through the York, Pennsylvania office of Country Home Real Estate, all types of investors are now able to access a wide range of resources. This includes wholesalers who are constantly on the lookout to find a top deal that investors can buy into. Plus, their wholesalers and real estate agents have gone through training to understand what investors are looking for in the market right now. This allows investors to buy and sell more real estate, and improve their bottom line. They also have an experienced Short Sale negotiation team in the office to improve the chances of getting great deals.

 The property management team can help if this property is to be rented out, as well. They can help with screening potential renters, helping manage emergencies, and ensuring that rent is delivered on time each month, among other duties.

Country Home Real Estate also provides discounts to flippers and rehabbers who wish to list their properties through the MLS, as well as other agents. This allows them to have their properties listed in front of a wider audience of buyers, as well as keep the costs lower so they can make more with the sale of the house. The goal is to cater to the investors all around South-Central Pennsylvania and all around the Mid-Atlantic region.

About Country Home Real Estate: 

In 2018, the York, Pennsylvania office of Country Home Real Estate was purchased by Dr. Jason Hubler, with four business associates as well. Their goal is to bring this office into the future of real estate through outstanding customer service and the most up-to-date technology possible. Their investment in Country Homes Real Estate Systems, LLC has allowed them to follow a successful footprint, while still being able to provide service to both individuals and investors alike.

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