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skin pigmentation treatment in uk
October 19, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

As people age their resilience to the sun gets less and if they do not use the correct protection. When the skin is exposed to UV radiation the pigment in the skin gets agitated and begins to change and cause issues. Javivo is able to offer skin pigmentation treatment to repair the damage.

The cells are ‘switched on by UV radiation and behave differently from normal and this results in too much pigment. Too much melanin is produced which then causes darkened patches on the skin. Javivo has a professional team that is experienced to be able to treat and clear these dark patches.

At Javivo they are equipped with a top of the range equipment to take care of all their client’s unique needs. The lasers that are used for skin pigmentation treatments are very advanced and stimulate collagen production. When the natural collagen in the body is activated to improve production the texture of the skin and the usual signs of aging are assisted in repairing the damage.

Javivo clients that are requesting to have skin pigmentation treatment are surprised at how little the procedure hurts. It is a subtle snap on the skin which is followed by a machine that blows cold air and this makes the entire process much more comfortable.

When clients have laser skin pigmentation treatments at Javivo the procedure does not keep them from their normal activities. They are able to return to work immediately and the only requirements are that they are out of direct sunlight and use a very high sun protection cream.

Dr. Jaymi Lad is the co-founder & medical director of Javivo and added “There is no exact number of sessions required for skin pigmentation treatment however in our experience most clients need between 4 to 6 treatments.”

When a client contacts the Javivo clinic consultation is set up to discuss what the client needs. Meeting with the practitioners a laser patch test will be performed on the client to determine whether they will be a suitable candidate for skin pigmentation treatment. If the test is a success sessions are booked, and they can begin their treatments. The treatment is a procedure that is followed by follow-up visits and advise to assist clients in receiving the best skin pigmentation treatment available.

When looking for a skin pigmentation treatment, Javivo is professional. From their friendly reception personnel to the practitioners that will take the time and have the patience to explain the procedures available and the multiple treatments and options that are available from this clinic.

About Us

Javivo is a skincare clinic in Manchester that offers superb service and delivers quality patient care, using non-surgical procedures responsibly and restoring a youthful appearance with subtle enhancement therapies. Dr. Lad and Dr. Mahal the founders of Javivo have many years of experience. These two highly educated doctors are NHS medical doctors and cosmetic doctors who lead their team at Javivo a non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetic and skincare clinic.

The Clinic offers a range of treatments some of which include laser hair removal, micro-needling, derma fillers, anti-wrinkle injectables, and skin peels. The clinic has earned accreditation from various organisations in the industry, and they are members of Save Face and passed their rigorous inspection of policy and practice.


Javivo is a clinic in Manchester that uses advanced technology to treat sun-damaged skin this laser treatment removes hyperpigmented patches and sunspots on the skin.

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