Five Reasons People Are Changing Their Sanitizer With HOCl Products

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July 28, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

The sanitizer market is still active, and new products are launched every year. People are constantly changing their sanitizer and switching to find the best HOCl products.

You might have seen how people hit to HOCl products from alcohol-based sanitizers. There are different reasons why people change their sanitizer.

The common reason is that people are unsatisfied with their existing or the first sanitizer. People try to find the best product, and this journey starts with dissatisfaction.

Reasons Behind The Dissatisfaction

These are different for everyone, and the following are the major ones:

#1. Skin Problems

Many hand sanitizers cause skin problems in people with sensitivities. There are different sanitizers on the market, and all of them have other ingredients used in them. Harsh chlorine or alcohol-based sanitizers can cause dry and flaky skin, resulting in eczema.

People who face skin problems like eczema due to alcohol-based sanitizers are switching to HOCl-based disinfectants

#2. Non-effectiveness

The effectiveness of sanitizers is an essential aspect to consider. People are more worried about the effectiveness as compared to other elements. It is obvious to people that if a sanitizer is ineffective, then it has no meaning. Effectiveness is the primary thing that one should consider.

#3. Non-Affordability

You might ask whether there is an expensive and luxury sanitizer. Yes, the Turkish perfume people started using as a sanitizer was one example. Sometimes sanitizers are not affordable for all people. People switch to a cheap sanitizer to relieve their pockets from some extra load.

#4. Not Safe For Everyone

If you choose an alcohol-based sanitizer, it is not safe for everyone and everywhere. It is inflammable, and you can’t use it in places that have fires, such as kitchens. Along with that, alcohol reacts negatively to people who have asthma and some other respiratory health issues. To overcome such problems, people try to switch to sanitizers that are safe to use for everyone and everywhere. People often choose HOCl products like sanitizer and disinfectant to overcome this issue.

#5. Toxicity

Toxic ingredients in a sanitizer are harmful not only to humans but to the surroundings too. People are becoming more aware of the toxic ingredients and trying to eliminate them from their lives. Not only a sanitizer but many other household products also have toxic ingredients and can be eliminated easily. Switching to a HOCl-based disinfectant is crucial if you want to avoid toxicity.


People who still feel confused about sanitizers should start evaluating the above five factors. These five factors can be turned into your reasons to change your sanitizer. An alcohol-based sanitizer can be effective, but it may cause a lot of skin and health problems in the long run. That is why Hypochlorous acid-based sanitizers are always recommended to be used by people with skin sensitivities. Choosing the best sanitizer comprises a checklist where you need to check many factors, and those mentioned above are the top most checked factors.


The sanitizer market is still active, and new products are launched every year. People are constantly changing their sanitizer and switching to find the best product.

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