PouchNATION Assists Event Organizers Deliver an Outstanding Experience


Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands April 10, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/– PouchNATION is a leading brand activation solutions provider offering a comprehensive solution for event organizers. The company enhances the event planning and management process using NFC tools and also helps organizers capture an audience. Their wide range of services can help event organizers provide a secure and hassle-free experience for their guests.

“Our initial services included guest registration, cashless payments, access control, activity tracking, and analytic reporting. Since 2016, we have extended our services to include managing a guest’s journey from event discovery to ticket purchasing,” says a spokesperson for PouchNATION.

PouchNATION’s unique guest management system is perfect for all aspects related to event planning, including financing, security, and marketing. The company has executed hundreds of events in over nine countries in Southeast Asia, including Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. They have completed over 2 million transactions and handled over SGD $25 million in transactions.

Beyond helping with registration and ticketing, their event planning software also enhances social media engagement and data collection. PouchNATION’s solutions are perfect for sponsors looking to build relationships with prospective clients. “When it comes to on-site help, our systems provide access control and the ability to gain insight on user engagement. We have also gone a step further in allowing offline to online customer acquisition so that brands can convert event guests into real customers after the event. Our brand activation tools can identify target markets, engage potential customers, create relationships, and measure brand marketing efforts,” he adds.

About PouchNATION:

PouchNATION is a cashless payment and brand activations solutions provider. They help event organizers enhance guest experience with automated guest management solutions like ticketing, registering, and more. The company has handled over SGD 25 million with over 2 million completed transactions.

To learn more, visit https://pouchnation.com

PouchNATION Assists Event Organizers Deliver an Outstanding Experience


Their event management software helps with guest registration, cashless payments, access control, and social engagement.

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