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March 20, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/—GenericPharmacyPills today announced about their creative and newly implemented idea of prescription drug manual order technology that provides consumers with instant mail order virtually every US online pharmacy. GenericPharmacyPills available as both a website www.genericpharmacypills.com on desktop, mobile and tablet or iPad version.

Once comes into the website at the top section, category drop down and search result where consumers simply enter the name of a prescription medication as per their requirement will give instant finding about their needs. With different drug strength consumer can read out the product information and easily add to cart their requirement with their knowing brand and generic level with the quantity in their bag. GenericPharmacyPills database contains over extreme ground wholesale prices for more than 2,500 branded and generic drugs. In case consumer enable to find their need simply shoot an email to contact us form or leave a message on live chat window, customer support will contact you within 30 minutes in a day or night.

For more additional help, consumers can have individual My Account section where alert of refill reminders can also be set from the GenericPharmacyPills, also joining the newsletter e-mailing list will help timely about the various deal and offers running on the next refill.

“Great outcome about this manual order technology to just instant email response within 30 minutes  to know about your requirements about the generic and prescription drugs with latest discount and offers will give you relief from stress and price fears. Over the demand of prescription drugs in last 1.5 years in US market will provide relief with this and save from any online scam ordering system.” Facts by Henry Walker, sales analyst of GenericPharmacyPills and World Health and Pharmacy Magazine in San Jose, California.

US Americans reports stated that in survey around more than $450 billion on 7.2 billion prescriptions prescribed has been spent in year 2015. GenericPharmacyPills helps to get the best and worth prices and certain discount coupons and deal for individual money saving effort. Also foundation gives this valuable tool for:

·  Post age more than 55 years citizens without prescription can take benefits, estimated by the GenericPharmacyPills Family.

·  Cost of generic products is 10 times cheaper than the branded ones with worth pocket saving cost.

“Great customer support and win-win situation at every time for all, prescription with or without both can take advantage.” said Dr. James White, Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas and good writer at GenericPharmacyPills Health and Online Pharmacy Blog. Freedom for Patients can be their own health care advocate and easily locate the cheap price associate the product  brand name or generic drugs sitting anywhere in their home or work field.

Key Features of GenericPharmacyPills

·  Help 24*7 to their online consumers for increase their worth savings.

·  Weekly newsletter refill reminders with the new prices for their medicine.

·  Easily know about the free discount coupons and offers running on bulk orders.

·  Help consumers about the coupons which can be worth $1500 or more per year.

·  Instantly response to their current requirement about their actual need and discount prices.

 About GenericPharmacyPills

GenericPharmacyPills works with the top 75 manufacturers around the world. All products are 100% quality and cheaper than branded ones. More than 145+ staff dispenses around 80 million annually prescription drugs worldwide. GenericPharmacyPills, a leading US online pharmacy wholesale drop shipper company. Around 2500+ consumers are comes to our website and order as per their requirement. It gives 100% guarantee about their personal information, transaction and prescription requirements, not to share with outer world.

Unique Range of Prescription Drugs – GenericPharmacyPills


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