Smart Drugs or Nootropics – Cognitive Enhancement Technology

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GenericPharmacyPills.Com, a North SanJose based startup, says it builds such platform that can accurately calculate the progress, as well as recommend, various cognitive ability brain enhancing medication popular with the name as “Nootropics”.

GenericPharmacyPills.Com, the company create the way cognitive medication usage is easily calculated, sincerely today announced the launch of its mind-blowing platform as the only tool based on the market research of calculating the capability of enhancement done by the cognitive medication. For the very first time in smart drugs medication history, outer world consumers will now easily see the impact of cognitive enhancing medication totally based on their usage.

Smart Drugs already have been an emerging agenda between the Entrepreneurs, Olympians, Wall Street executives, Silicon Valley techies, Sports Athletes, Small and Large scale Businesses persons, Bio-hackers, not least an Army Persons, its all due to its extra boosting cognitive ability and wonderful results. It enhances the human brain memory, increases focus, boosts the stamina, totally safe human neuro-system, and it’s excellent creative and mood purposes. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recommend the nootropics is the best use for the brain cognitive enhancing medication and totally safe for the usage in their regular routine. Researchers also not find any side effects about the long-term usage.

GenericPharmacyPills build their confidence and make their solitary product for their worldwide customers about this technology.  It organizes the various events and different spokesperson recommends the usage of Nootropic is best made for the increase cognitive ability among the user with zero side effects.

Some of the top researchers spoke about the nootropics, “It will also provide a unique sight among the young people’s opinions on topics such as the nootropics is the best medicinal discovery for the brain cognitive enhancer’s purposes.”

One of Spokesperson in Business Insider magazine states this word, “We study about the nootropics among the young and dynamic team of person who willing take participate and find the result is more than expectations and in a well-timed manner.”

GenericPharmacyPills.Com platform analyzes the data from over 160 digital devices, such as social medic platform, digital podcast, mass mailing concept, different cities events, Google campaigns, facebook AdWords campaign, distribution local newspaper area region. This all data helps to calculate the historical analytics of before and after myths of nootropics usage. So this type of technology cans easily predicting the Nootropics and its stack variations only based on consumer-specific data.

Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Parker states, “Our platform will helps users to being aware about the nootropics which is safe and tested and quantify the impact that it helps to increase body stamina, mind learning ability, and more decision-making that user can be able into his life with zero side effects and recommend also to the others for longer use and more better results”.

GenericPharmacyPills has just nearly to launch its mobile app application for sharing the most reviews and testimonials about the nootropics, which is scheduled to debut in October of this year.

About GenericPharmacyPills

GenericPharmacyPills works with the top around 125+ manufacturers and deals with 100% quality, cheap, and effective generic products. Worldwide 15,000 users are coming to our platform and take advantage of learning the Nootropics benefits.

Smart Drugs or Nootropics – Cognitive Enhancement Technology


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