InHand Introduces Hydra-Q6™: Rugged, Customizable ARM Tablet

InHand Hydra-Q6

Rockville, Maryland ( PR Submission Site ) Aug 1, 2018 – InHand Electronics, a leading single board computer, rugged tablet, and rugged OEM device manufacturer recently introduced the Hydra-Q6™ tablet for military, medical, or other industrial or commercial environment uses. Based on NXP’s proven i.MX 6 ARM processor, the InHand Hydra-Q6™ is the manufacturer’s third generation platform for rugged tablet and display applications.

Available with Android and Linux operating systems, the Hydra-Q6 incorporates numerous standard features including a 7-inch high resolution LCD with resistive touchscreen, flash storage, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Other standard features include GPS, camera, microphone, stereo speaker output, haptic feedback, sensors, and high capacity Lithium Polymer battery capable of 8 hours plus operation on a full charge. Purchasers can easily and securely control updates of any aspect of the tablet’s software configuration, including the operating system, applications, and device configurations.

The IP67-rated tablet uses a MIL-SPEC rugged waterproof enclosure, waterproof connectors, rugged buttons and expansion connector, and rugged DC power jack. Its rugged design enables the Hydra-Q6 tablet to meet wide-ranging MIL-STD-810g specifications for temperature, mechanical shock and vibration, drop, fluid contaminates, solar radiation, fungus and immersion, while offering the full functionality expected from a compact mobile tablet.

The manufacturer pairs the rugged features of its Hydra line of tablets with a flexible architecture for quickly prototyping and deploying an optimal tablet solution. Consequently, a variety of signals can be selectively wired to a rugged expansion connector enabling broad interface capabilities. The tablet’s enclosure, labeling, connectors, electronics, and display may be customized for kiosk, display head, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), panel PC, or any type of portable devices.

The Hydra-Q6 continues the manufacturer’s modified COTS approach for streamlined customization of the operating system (OS), circuitry, features, connections and enclosure. According to InHand Electronics CEO Carlos Valeiras this goes to the heart of the InHand approach to real world engineering and design where businesses require a rugged device solution that meets exact requirements in a quick and cost-effective manner.

“Our third generation Hydra tablet takes connectivity and display capabilities to the next level while providing a flexible platform for easy customization that enables precise application requirements,” said Valeiras. “This provides countless industries a unique solution for tablet or intelligent display devices for rugged environments where customization and control of the hardware, packaging, and operating system software configuration are key.”

The Hydra-Q6™ is available now as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tablet or with InHand’s full range of design services to customize it for application-specific needs.

InHand Introduces Hydra-Q6™: Rugged, Customizable ARM Tablet


InHand Electronics, Inc. is an original design manufacturer of single board computers, rugged tablets, and other rugged devices for original equipment manufacturers. With products designed in Rockville, Maryland, and built in the USA featuring industry-leading technologies. For more information, visit


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