Los Angeles Photographer Nona Muselayan Makes The Most of Your Special Day

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Huntington Beach, CA (PR Submission Site) June 19, 2018 – Los Angeles photographer Nona Muselayan is fast becoming the go-to photographer for individuals, couples, and families who would like to have quality portraits made that they can remember. What started originally as a hobby quickly developed into a passion and then a successful business for Nona, who only started taking photographs in 2008 when she was gifted a camera by her uncle.

“While I always had an eye for qualities and details that made an image truly beautiful, it wasn’t until I was gifted a camera for a birthday in 2008 that I began actualizing those perceptions and turning them into quality photographs and portraits for families all over Los Angeles. Additionally, it was the experience of becoming a mother myself that allowed me to express something deeper in all of my photographs. This is one thing that I think separates Nona Photography from other Los Angeles photographers; being in a similar situation as many of my clients, I am able to evoke a personal color in the portraits that in the end adds a warmth and human touch to the final product,” says Los Angeles photographer Nona Muselayan.

She adds: “When individuals and families come to Nona Photography, they may have an idea what they want to have done, such as engagement photos, maternity photos, newborn photos, etc., but by listening closely to their wishes and also getting to know them, I find I am able to make suggestions and offer new ideas that, when agreed upon, ferment into a truly beautiful photograph. We often hear stories of Los Angeles photographers that enter a family’s home and rush through the appointment, snapping pictures at random and then leaving for their next appointment, but at Nona Photography, it is our goal to not just meet but really get to know each and every member of the family who will take part in the session, because what we want is not just to express their faces but also their personalities.

“We specialize in a number of different types of events, including but not limited to: engagement photos, maternity photos, baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and more. Whether the event is set to be indoors to outdoors, Nona Photography takes care to consider the whole environment, the colors, the moods, the sounds, so that the final product is one that evokes the true memory of that moment in the family’s life. Those are the really special photos: the ones that you look back on years later and then suddenly feel transported back in time to when that moment or event was taking place. That’s the goal of Nona Photography,” adds the Los Angeles photographer.

About Nona Photography:

Nona Photography is a family-centric photography and portraiture service, dedicated to providing families and individuals products that express their character and individuality.

Los Angeles Photographer Nona Muselayan Makes The Most of Your Special Day


Los Angeles photographer Nona Muselayan offers family portraiture and event photography to LA residents looking to express what’s special and unique about their families.


Nona Photography

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