The Best Accredited LPN Program By Verve College For Every Aspiring LPN

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There are lots of reasons why LPN is one of the most popular jobs in the healthcare industry today. When you’re working as an LPN, you have the option to choose your workplace among multiple choices, like hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, rehab centers, and so on.

Because the certificate program of LPN can be completed in a relatively shorter period of time, you have the opportunity to enter healthcare workforce sooner. But what does it take to become a licensed practical nurse in Chicago, Illinois? Becoming a licensed practical nurse, or an LPN, requires undergoing a tremendous amount of academic and practical training.

For students that are looking for accredited LPN programs Chicago/Oak Brook IL to begin their academic and practical training, Verve College is a premier nursing institution where they can pursue their LPN education and prepare to enter the fast-growing LPN field with confidence.

The accredited LPN program offered by Verve college is of a duration of 15 months. After the successful completion of the LPN program and the successful clearing of ATI Exit Exam, the student will receive their LPN diploma or certificate and they’ll finally be able to attain their license by appearing for the NCLEX-PN State Licensure Exam.

Verve College is proud of offering an LPN program that provides aspiring practical nurses with the academic knowledge and clinical training they need to pass the NCLEX-PN State Licensure Exam with flying colors, obtain their practical nursing license, and begin working in the industry at the earliest. The success of Verve College’s LPN program is reflected in the impressive NCLEX-PN Pass Rates that the college has been able to deliver on a consistent basis.

What’s even more impressive about LPN program at Verve College is that the program has day classes, evening classes, and also weekend classes. By offering such a variety of classes for their program, Verve College makes it easy for aspiring LPNs to pursue their goals according to a learning schedule that best works for them.

Verve College’s night and weekend LPN programs at Oak Brook and Chicago, IL are perfect for individuals who can’t find time during the day or on weekdays to attend nursing college for their LPN degree. They can still fulfill their aspirations of becoming an LPN by attending the college in the evening time or on weekends.

The Best Accredited LPN Program By Verve College For Every Aspiring LPN


About Verve College : Verve College is a prestigious nursing institution offering accredited LPN programs at two locations in the state of Illinois, Chicago and Oak Brook. Widely recognized for providing first-rate LPN education, Verve College is a place for aspiring practical nurses to give the right start to their career by acquiring the right knowledge and skills.


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